Chorus Entrance

Based in San Francisco, Chorus is modern apartment living for patrons of the arts.

Located at 12th and Otis, Chorus sits front and center to a bustling intersection that serves as a gateway to many of San Francisco's attractive neighborhoods. The goal for the project was to revitalize the block as a landmark of its own, creating a neighborhood gathering place rooted in community, wellness, and the arts.

Housed within the property is City Ballet San Francisco and Chorus Hall—a new theatre for the performing arts. Outside, a multi-use plaza provides a performance space, fountain, and directional wayfare for the busy area. Our task was to develop a cohesive identity that celebrates the arts and establishes a high level of service for those living there.

Chorus Oldphoto

Bound by five streets, the property's unique location became an inspiration for its identity.

A fluid icon based on the five streets represents the confluence of neighborhoods that meet at the building and the catalytic energy of the people and experiences that propel it forward.

Proportions for the icon are based on the golden ratio, signaling artistic proportion, refinement, and movement. Serving as a framework for brand layout, the five lines form a flexible, adaptive layout grid for photography, video, pattern, and typography.

To evoke the feel of the spaces, we choreographed a sequence of digital vignettes to showcase each amenity, focusing on naturally styled scenes to define the totality of the brand experience. The full collection of scenes were integrated into web and other digital applications.

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  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Video Storyboarding
  • Copywriting
  • Brand Guidelines

Special thanks to:

The Chorus Team | Align Residential

Interiors | Parisa O'Connell

Renders & Visualisation | NQS Creative

Web Development | Human Shapes

Photography | Haley Lan, Omfgco

OMFGCO Team | Jeremy Pelley, Jordan Metcalf, Lauren Masterson, Andrew Ward, Ed Martin, Orion Janeczek, Megan Snelten, Brandon Gunderson