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Ergobaby is an internationally beloved brand known for their ergonomic baby-carrying products. They approached us to create a campaign to introduce and create excitement around their new and improved Metro+ Compact City Stroller. They don’t just make baby carriers for babywearing, they make strollers, too!

Egb Portfolio Stroller

After researching the competition, what approaches are being used in the space, and taking the global pandemic into consideration, we developed these strategy points.

Let's Be Real
A lot of the current marketing around baby gear skews emotional or aspirational. Let's create a campaign that shows a more relatable, honest, and maybe even slightly humorous depiction of parenthood while showcasing the product.

Reframe the Product
During the peak of the global pandemic, everyone has shifted their focus from travel and the use of mass transit. We have an opportunity to redefine why the compact stroller is relative to everyday life, close to home.

Be Specific
Instead of trying to do it all, let’s focus our efforts on a couple of key things that make Metro+ a standout in its category and push those to the forefront of our messaging.

Egb Portfolio Babies

After reading articles, scientific papers, joining online parenting groups, scouring forums, and watching Youtube reviews and vlogs from all over the world, we came up with these insights.

01 — Parents all over the world are more connected now and they openly share information and personal experiences with each other. What aspects of strollers are they most concerned about?

02 — Baby talk is a universal language! That's right folks, anywhere in the world, babies sound the same. How can we use it to give us flexibility with communicating to an international audience?

03 — The most important people aren’t part of the conversations around parenting gear—the babies! How can we feature cute little humans in an unexpected way?

Egb Portfolio Concept

The campaign concept “We’re fluent in comfort.” uses language to connect Ergobaby’s expertise in designing for comfort, their understanding of ergonomics for babies, and their international presence in the baby gear market. We led with baby babble as a cheeky messaging device and used its translation as a flexible space for interchangeable copy. No matter the language or the size of the media, the babble can adapt.

Egb Portfolio Billboard
Egb Portfolio Brochure Cover
Egb Portfolio Brochure Spread

With the help of the Ergobaby team and Shark Pig productions, we created videos where we interviewed the experts (the babies!) about their experience with the Metro+ Compact City Stroller, while highlighting the stroller's features.

The client loved the campaign and we were able to push their brand into a different direction while still staying true to their essence—and had a lot of fun doing it! Goo goo gaga!

  • Research & Strategy
  • Campaign Concept
  • Copywriting
  • Art Direction
  • Design
  • Storyboarding
  • Animation

    Special thanks to:

    Ergobaby Team | Elizabeth Antonia, Caroline Rodrigues, Kevin Clark, Amanda Chagoya, Lourdes Gonzalez, Diane Crovetto, and the Ergobaby EU Team

    OMFGCO Team | Fritz Mesenbrink, Kim Sutherland, Sarah Hollowood, Ridan Arellano, Ariel Piazza, Rein Boyd

    Shark Pig Productions for Video Production, Editing, Audio, and Graphics