What you’re proposing is heresy. And we love it.

Adam Stotsky
President, NBC Universal

Since its inception, NBC Universal's G4 network struggled to grow interest from advertisers, and their fan base was inconsistent at best. Their solution: transform their flailing network originally created for geeks and gamers into a channel for “The Modern Man.”

But we didn't just want to change the G4 network.


We wanted G4 to become the authority on what it means to be a Modern Man, and for the network to extend far beyond the bounds of the TV to become a barometer of a lifestyle.

We started by asking some questions:

Why don’t we care about TV?
Where does TV fit into an internet-driven world?

Our conclusions:

1 The old rules of television no longer apply.
2 People are smarter than we think.
3 And most importantly:

It’s tough being a progressive, considerate Modern Man in the new millennium, and it’s high time that this demographic is recognized and respected. He isn’t as simply defined and understood as his Cro-Magnon predecessor, so we created a Manifesto (and made the manifesto into a sizzle video).

This aesthetic translated directly into some Endpages and Lower Thirds for the network.

It also fit well as our Out Of Home campaign.

A series of somewhat obscure, semi-inspirational phrases and mantras became fodder for business cards, posters and other collateral and schwag.

We created intentionally overly-complicated collateral to support our Men Are Complicated tagline.

We proposed creating an app that would be used to help locate "G4 approved" bars, restaurants, retail shops and more in various cities around the globe. This would engage other types of businesses that are helping to build and support the cultural zeitgeist of the Modern Man culture.

We pitched a lot of crazy ideas their way. Things that would have changed how television as a medium operated. In a world where internet is king, we figured we had nothing to lose. Might as well do something interesting, right?

While they loved the work we presented, the people at G4 ended up making the obvious choice of partnering with Esquire Magazine to create the Esquire Network, which has turned out really great.

And, they ended up hiring us to write lines for the launch of their new network, which was nice.

  • Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Branding
  • Concepting
  • Logo Design
  • Copywriting
  • Illustration
  • Video
Special thanks to:


The Internet
This was only for a pitch, so nothing required licensing

Lorenzo De Guttadauro
SVP Brand Creative // Esquire Network