Case Study Gt Wordmark

Greater Than is a nonprofit organization that supports and empowers students from poverty-impacted communities to thrive in school, college, and career.

They came to us in need of a brand refresh—a unified system to increase brand recognition and provide clarity around the organization's mission.

We updated the original logotype with more contrast and balance, which gave it a more modern and approachable feel.

Case Study Gt Wordmark Stacked

We utilized the universal “greater-than” mathematics symbol as an icon, drawing attention to its upward momentum—a nod to the increasing growth and development of students. The three lines represent the three pillars of the organization: education, equity, and community.

Case Study Gt Icon

We created a graphic badge in both English and Spanish to further highlight the three pillars.

Graphic Mark
Gt Color

We developed a simple, vibrant color palette with three primary brand colors and three secondary colors for event collateral.

Case Study Gt Templates
Case Study Gt Collateral

The templated system can be easily modified and produced in-house, making the brand easy for our client to maintain and extend for years to come.


Visual Identity

Special thanks to:

Our wonderful clients at Greater Than.
Learn more at greater-than.org.