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The Huntington Lodge is located in the heart of Pronghorn Resort, a golfing destination
in the Central Oregon high desert,
just outside of Bend.

Lured West by the frontier of the
Willamette Valley, pioneers crossed the
Juniper Desert via the Huntington Wagon Road
nearly 200 years ago.

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For the Huntington Lodge, we set out to marry that independent, pioneering spirit with the surreal, ethereal qualities of the region.

From the cinematic views of the Cascade Mountain Range to the earthy smell of sage brush, Oregon's high desert is a medley of tranquility for the senses—a true respite from the noise of the everyday.

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Harnessing this spirit, we focused our efforts on creating an unparalleled experience.

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As an ode to handcrafted culture, our furniture selection draws inspiration from Japanese, Scandinavian, and West Coast traditions. The blend of styles results in a unique and uncommon experience for anyone who visits.

We worked with local companies to source distinctive pieces for the space, and enlisted local fabricators to make a few of our own designs.

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Natural elements of sisal, paper, and linen lend texture and color to the wood furniture, and the curated lighting choices create strong, memorable silhouettes throughout. Leather seating—complemented with the softest sheepskin we could find—offers unparalleled comfort and style.

Rather than just stick with the typical Alpine style we're all too familiar with (think overstuffed-leather furniture and ubiquitous brocade pillows), we set out to design something truly inspired.

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And we are proud to say that every piece of custom furniture in the lodge was built in Oregon.
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Artists, makers, and craftspeople based in Oregon created their own interpretations of the high desert aesthetic—resulting in an artful juxtaposition of extremes.

The art story explores local flora and fauna, incorporating a palette of colors, materials, forms, and textures from the region. Photographs, paintings, sculptures, assemblages, poetry, textiles, and found objects all coalesce into the narrative.

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The Huntington Lodge is waiting to be discovered—a hidden gem in the high desert of Central Oregon.

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  • Concept
  • Brand Identity
  • Interior Design
  • Furniture Design
  • Art Moments
  • Signage
  • Copywriting

    Special thanks to:

    The Pronghorn Resort, The Resort Group, Ness Group, and everyone that helped make this place wonderful: Axiom, Acme, Fortitude, Eloy Gomez, Bautista Fine Hand Wovens, Sublime Design Furniture, David Manuel, John Clark, Michael Paulus, AK Studio, Matt Williams, Vince Skelly, Addy Kessler, The Ness Group, Notary Ceramics, Lilith Rockett, Kim Stafford, Coulee Concrete, Richardson Rock Ranch, Lane Walkup, Shiela Laufer, Ampersand, Wood & Faulk, Pistils Nursery, & Imperial Stock Ranch.