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Health, wellness, and good times.

Knot Springs is more than a spa—it's a social club for wellness lovers.

Complete with a full gym, classes and trainers, body work offerings, and a stylish contrast-bathing circuit, Knot Springs is reshaping expectations of what a spa or fitness experience can be.

Depending on the time of day, you might hear Nina Simone, Neil Young, or Augustus Pablo pouring out of the speakers. Kombucha flows on tap, and socializing is encouraged.

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Situated quite literally in the center of Portland, the space was created to serve as a transformative, transcendental escape from urban life— a place to relax, get in tune with oneself, socialize a bit, and to serve as a reminder to slow down.

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After having been open for a little over a year, they learned a lot about themselves, and we were tasked to help them with their rebrand. Sounded fun. And the best part? We all got free memberships for the duration of the job. (Too bad it couldn't last forever.)

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In order to capture the calming feeling of the outdoors, we looked at textures found in nature itself, as well as the design sensibilities found in old textbooks, topographical maps, and field journals—basically any vintage collateral representation of nature in the Pacific Northwest.

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We landed on a wordmark that felt warm and approachable while still simple and unadorned.

The icon was meant to evoke the knot from their namesake, as well as the circular flow of the contrast bathing circuit they are known for.

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We also developed a robust series of illustrations and lockups that were inspired by carved wood and trail signage. We found that the flexible system could be applied to merch, collateral, wayfinding, packaging, and future art moments.

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Together, the wordmark and illustrations helped to balance out the stark, austere nature of their beautiful spa, and brought new life to their collateral and merch.

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  • Logomarks
  • Illustrations
  • Merchandise
  • Printed Collateral
  • Copywriting
  • Packaging
  • Wayfinding
Special thanks to:

Jeff Pickhardt, Ken Peterson, and Nate Pereira of Key Development.

The warm tub, the hot tub, the sauna, the steam room, and most importantly, the cold plunge. So cold.