Our client came to us to put himself out of business.
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He had been in the linen business for 20+ years, owning and operating linen stores in major cities on the West Coast, and knew that sooner or later, someone would start offering the same high-end linens as him, without the“middle-man.” So instead of waiting around for that to happen, he leveraged his knowledge and relationships to start his own DTC brand.

LETTO was born out of the desire to create an authentic connection between customers, suppliers, artisans, and growers. Their passion is making the finest linens available to more people at reasonable prices and working with true craftspeople to make it happen—we love to work with people who have a deep passion for what they’re doing. From sourcing to finishing, they partner with farmers in Egypt, Belgium, and Texas to grow and harvest the finest fibers and then hand those off to spinners, weavers, sewers, and finishers in Italy who have been doing it all by hand for generations.

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We told the story of LETTO by creating a brand that felt elegant and warm while also nodding to the generational Italian craftsmanship. We spent time exploring nuances of old-world Italian culture and charm—sophisticated without trying too hard.

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Our visual identity is a reflection of that inspiration. Inspired by Italian street signage, our primary mark utilizes an elegant and bold serif with a few custom details that are meant to speak to the human touch.

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Secondary marks that reference passport stamps further communicate LETTO's responsible sourcing and crafting methods.

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Our copy adds a bit of wit and personality to the feeling of the brand, helping bring a sense of hospitable warmth.

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We worked with Anthony Blasko to create photographs that felt like an extension of the brand—cultivated, human, and old-world.

We wanted to create the feeling of a quiet Italian morning, almost as if you’re living in an antique painting but comforted by modern luxury bedding. That same intention and feeling was expanded into the creative direction of the website (coming soon!), which was built by our neighbors, WLCR.

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The client was over the moon with the outcome of the photoshoot and overall brand design. We, however, are ruined because we now know what incredible sheets feel like.

  • Branding
  • Concept
  • Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Photo Direction
  • Creative Direction
  • Set Design
  • Website Design
Special thanks to:

OMFGCO Team: Kimberly Sutherland + Ariel Piazza + Afton Hakes + Lea Loo + Ed Martin + Ridan Arellano + Fritz Mesenbrink + Jeremy Pelley + Evan Wilson

Photography: Anthony Blasko / Remy Gomez

Prop Styling: Sarah Gray + Jasmine Vaughan

Photoshoot Creative Direction & Consulting: Victoria Mesenbrink

Production: No Problemos

Website Development: WLCR