Mineral combines the expertise of Human Resources, predictive technology, and highly personalized guidance for small business owners. They approached us having just joined forces with another company and in need of a bold new brand that would disrupt their traditional industry.

This project came with a few challenges—the biggest being to unravel the preconceived ideas of the term “Human Resources” and compel our audiences to view Mineral as an HR brand that is trustworthy as well as personal and lively. We had the opportunity to breathe life into a world that’s often cold and generic.

We started the project with many conversations to better understand how Mineral services and connects with their clients, and how they want to be seen. Ultimately, it was important for the brand to embrace the space between predictive tech and caring experts, and to be able to tell their story in an aesthetically fresh, contemporary, and timeless way.

3 Mineral Photo Treatment

Small businesses are an essential part of our communities and our economy. However, unlike larger companies, they often don’t have the resources to navigate operational challenges. Mineral democratizes access to expertise and tools that enable small business owners to maneuver these obstacles with total confidence.

We created a bold word mark that feels dependable and trustworthy, but with a small wink to convey that the brand is also human, approachable, and a tad unconventional. A direct reference to our brand name, the diamond "wink" also represents the essential and atomic nature of the brand. The color palette combines tones found in Earth’s minerals with more vibrant, contemporary colors that represent the data-driven side of the company.

5 Mineral Illustrations Icons

With graphic elements that nod to the business’s data and tech infrastructure, hand drawn illustrations, icons for digital interactions, and a human voice, we built a trustworthy yet accessible world that resonates with both Mineral’s employers and partners.

Mineral guides their partners along the path to realize their dreams. Rarely a straight trajectory, they help with navigation at every turning point, providing critical advice or important resources in an effort to avoid obstacles.

7 Mineral Bcards Water Bottles
8 Mineral Totes
9 Mineral Wild Posting V6

We put together this video to help tell the story of the new identity. They used it to communicate the merger to their internal teams in a company-wide zoom pep rally and the slack crowds went wild!

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Special thanks to:

Mineral Team | Suzame Tong, Nathan Christensen, Nandor Tamas, Andie Rosendin

OMFGCO Team | Fritz Mesenbrink, Ariel Piazza, Kim Sutherland, Sarah Hollowood, Ridan Arellano, Megan Snelten