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After over a year of working remotely, teams have recognized the importance of having a physical space in which to come together and collaborate.

Ten200 came to us with their vision of creating the perfect place to be together, again—a workspace that balances the comforts of working from home with the amenities of an office. Situated in the heart of Cupertino, the rare property combines four stories of indoor office space with over 1 acre of beautifully landscaped mixed-use outdoor space.

We were challenged with creating an identity system that could communicate all of the property's unique offerings, while maintaining enough simplicity to allow potential tenants to envision their own brand inhabiting the space.

Informed by the architecture of the building, we created a fluid, yet monolithic mark using circular and rectilinear geometry and 4 lines—as a nod to the 4 stories of the building. The logo speaks to the complex, connected and flexible space it represents.

Rub Logo

The brand folds out into layers of contrast and harmony. Flexible grids, ambient imagery, and utilitarian typography combine to to tell the story of the property and position Ten200 as an epicenter for collaboration, creativity, and community.

Rub Fence Scrim

To pique the interest of potential tenants, we designed a postcard mailer on seeded paper and partnered with Modern Sprout to create a promotional gift that would highlight the key features of the property. The second life of these gifts—a lavender desk plant and wildflowers to plant at home—gives recipients a taste of the lush plantings on the property.


With the brand in place, we then applied the same thinking to the interiors. Our client wanted to be able to illustrate the possibilities that are available to the tenant with a vision. We focused on light, open spaces that offer a variety of comfortable options for lounge seating, community tables, and work stations. Our renders show an optimistic vision of the future workspace, balancing crisp modernity with casual warmth.

Ten 200 Interior 02
Ten 200 Interior 01
Ten 200 Interior 04
Ten 200 Interior 03
Ten 200 Interior 05
Ten 200 Interior 09
Ten 200 Interior 08
Ten 200 Interior 07
Ten 200 Interior 06
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Signage & Wayfinding
  • Copywriting
  • Campaign Concept
  • Interior and Exterior Renders
Special thanks to:

Rubicon Team | Razmig Boladian, Ani Vartanian, Morgan Meade, Eric Clapp

OMFGCO Team | Fritz Mesenbrink, Lauren Masterson, Jordan Metcalf, Megan Snelten, Ed Martin, Brandon Gunderson, Elyse Yerman, Billy Rueck, Garth Klippert, Dylan Tibbetts, Katherine Garber