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The Committee is a return to the culinary art and tradition of the Midwest chophouse—delivering Omaha’s promise of famous steaks with the story of an off-the-record members club.

Between 1920 and 1935, key decision-makers of the Cottonwood Hotel held a weekly poker game centered around food and community. It's rumored that within this late-night circle, they not only gambled but took turns cooking for the group, and made many of the pivotal decisions for the hotel’s future.

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A century later, we revisit their story to craft a familial and time-honored identity, bringing the same spirit and cheer back to the original meeting space, establishing a new vision for the club⁠, inclusive to anyone searching for quality cuts and expert cocktails.

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Custom wallpaper brings story and intrigue into the space, celebrating the characters of the original committee.

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Taking cues from the past, the menu suite features playful typography and hand-drawn illustrations to capture a contemporary spin on a classic era.

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    Special thanks to:

    The Cottonwood Team | Davidson Hospitality Group, Pivot Hotels, Kimpton Hotels, Greenslate Development
    Architecture & Interiors | DLR Group
    Photography | Dana Damewood
    OMFGCO Team | Fritz Mesenbrink, Jordan Metcalf, Lauren Masterson, Megan Snelten, Ed Martin, Orion Janeczek, Andrew Ward