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Made in California from local farm ingredients, Veso is a modern aperitif company that offers an immersive drinking experience for the open-minded, sophisticated drinker.

Veso came to us with a vision to inspire a more intentional drinking culture—one that is built around people, places, and memories. They wanted to partner with us to create a brand identity along with packaging that reflected the experience of making and drinking aperitifs.

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Aperitifs have a strong foundation and are embedded in European culture, but in the US they are often considered intimidating. Our biggest challenge was to design a brand that helped reposition the value of low-proof aperitifs as a modern and accessible drink and experience, helping Veso to become a leader in building a new type of American casual drinking culture.

Also important to the project was finding the right balance of visual style for Veso. The client wanted to create a brand that was minimal but not sterile, and avant guard but not overly trendy. We needed to ensure that their product stood out amongst the current ecosystem of both direct-to-consumer brands and classic wineries, with a visual system that would be able to grow and scale well beyond their initial product release.

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Veso sees their aperitifs as acting as catalysts—for conversation, for the night, or for a relaxing time spent with friends. Their beverages connect people to each other and to their surroundings. When you taste a Veso beverage, you feel a connection to the raw ingredients, to the land, and to the process of artisanal making.

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We leaned into Veso‘s ability to shift perspective and tied it to the relationship between the sun and horizon. From sunset to sunrise, there are points of transformation that take place—light changes, possibilities expand. Visualizing those moments and the sense of optimism that comes with them evokes a sensation that anything is possible.

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Minimal typography pair with our flexible sun and horizon graphic to help capture that intangible feeling you get when you are watching the sun disappear below the horizon. The brand color palette nods to the main ingredient in the products, while our imperfect, hand-drawn illustrations bring a casual touch.

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Alongside the labels we also designed the shipping box for the product. We landed on an elegant and minimal exterior that would wear well during shipping and leave room for some unexpected brand moments on the interior.

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The result is a minimal, slightly playful, and thoughtful brand identity that captures that golden moment when a perspective shift is sparked. Drink it how you like it, but always in good company.

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Bon Aperitif!

  • Strategy
  • Concept
  • Naming
  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Illustration
  • Packaging
  • Photography Guidelines
Special thanks to:

VESO Team | Chris Beyer + Jason Spielman

OMFGCO Team | Ariel Piazza + Kimberly Sutherland + Ridan Arellano + Sarah Hollowood + Grace Mervin + Gustavo Rodas