What's your Spirit Song?

A Shaman

Voicebox is no ordinary Karaoke joint.

They have redefined the whole experience; by offering private suites for parties. Guests get to rent a room and completely run the show.

This was a next-big thing moment for Portland.

But they needed to spread the word.

That's where we came in.

The task:

Create a targeted ad campaign to increase awareness of Voicebox and how it defies preconceived notions of a typical karaoke experience.

First, we had to answer two questions:

1 What is the universal appeal of Karaoke?
2 How will we channel this into a visual campaign?

Our findings were quite simple.

At it's heart, Karaoke allows people to unveil their inner-most pleasures in pop music.
Everyone has a secret song, but how do reveal this insight with a simple stroke.

We found our answer in stock photography.


Search terms included "Proud" and "Confident."

We looked for the most bound and determined personalities.


Next, we dug into into pop music's archives and selected a list of staple Karaoke songs.

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Paired together, the match worked.

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But we didn't stop there.


In addition to the billboard takeover, we created a guerrilla-marketing campaign- the Karaoke-propelled taxi service.

The only premise is singing Karaoke.
Here is what happened next...