Txc Intro

City living is becoming more and more expensive and people are increasingly working remotely, making it easier to feel alone even when surrounded by humans.

The X Company came to us with a vision of a better way to live in cities across the U.S.

We helped them understand their brand and its positioning in the market, and they challenged us to create a full identity system that could scale nationally and flex between their different buildings, locations, offerings, and programming.

Txc Logo

X Company is a home and an experience. The concept combines attainable apartments, coliving, coworking, and an unconventional members-only club all under one roof.

The architecture of X Co.'s buildings is a consistent through-line for the brand. With simple, raw, and utilitarian materials they're able to keep costs low for residents while trading up for beautiful interiors and impeccable service. We were inspired by this approach and mirrored it as we developed the brand identity, creating a minimal foundation that could be built on.

Txc Collateral
Txc Uniform Simple
Txc Wayfinding

The residents of X Co., along with the events that happen there, add layers of energy and culture within the spaces. Colors and iconography inspired by the different locations and programming were designed to be injected throughout the brand and applied minimally or maximally depending on the context.

Txc Bus Stop Social
Txc Events
Txc Its An X

Their first location, X Denver, just opened up, and we're excited to see the brand come to life. More locations coming soon!

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Signage & Wayfinding
  • Copywriting
  • Brand Guidelines
Special thanks to:

The X Co. Team | Noah Gottlieb, Ben Brichta, Andrew Kerr, Jen Nelson, Michael Israel, Tony Vasquez

OMFGCO Team | Jeremy Pelley, Fritz Mesenbrink, Kim Sutherland, Ariel Piazza, Sarah Hollowood, Ridan Arellano, Orion Janeczek, Cady Buche